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Aurum Signature Studios Casinos NZ

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Best Aurum Signature Studios Slots

Aurum Signature Studios Games

The team at Aurum Signature Studios is dedicated to developing bespoke titles that people can generally enjoy. These titles come in varying designs, graphics, themes, and rules. From casino games comprising basic table games to pokies with stacked symbols and free slots options. You can find an exclusive range of games from Tale of Elves to Galactic Gold and others. The display of the graphics is top-notch with excellent function. Aurum Signature Studios has been known to source tier one operators from different areas so that they could innovatively create unique casino games. Other than the graphics, it is also important to mention the themes. They have bespoke themes such as underwater scenes with their Fishing Fever and Enchanted Oceans. Others have different themes, such as Tale of Elves, Galactic Gold and more. The wilds and icons in these slots reflect the titles and contemporary themes. Another unique aspect of the games is that they have varying features. For instance, Treasure Quest has 243 ways to win, and so does Tale of Elves and Fishing Fever. The only difference is with Treasure Quest; you also get 2X and 5X multipliers and free spins, while Fishing Fever offers scatters, multipliers, free spins, and other bonuses.

Top Aurum Signature Studios Pokies

With more tier one operators than most developers, Aurum Signature Studios are invested in developing bespoke titles. Their bespoke slots offer their players an immersive experience with high-quality graphics and options such as mobile gaming. Among all their unique content, some slot games are more of a hit than others. The following are their top 5 ones;

  • Mega Vault Millionaire Its five-by-three reels make up the normal play, but that doesn't mean you cannot win some free spins and even a bonus wheel. Players choose Mega Vault Millionaire because of these bonus rounds. Other than the normal play, it allows players to win additional amounts.
  • A Tale of Elves Tale of Elves embraces Aurum Signature Studios and their bespoke themes. It takes on a X-mas theme with the aligning icons, wilds, and multipliers. Players can win in 243 ways, and there are even additional bonuses. Each bonus has its wins and features, but overall, the highest anyone can win is 20,166X their bet.
  • The Immortal Captain Rizk As part of the Aurum Signature Studio games, this one is among the favoured ones with several sequels to the original Immortal Captain Rizk. The main character, Immortal Captain Rizk, goes on adventures on the 5 reel slots. With the option of 4 bonus rounds, the game provides about 243 ways for anyone to win. The 12,000X maximum bet further enhances this.
  • Galactic Gold Galactic Gold is among the slot games that offer low volatility in a graphically pleasing set. It has 88.1% RTP and X3 multipliers. On top of that, there is the possibility of a progressive jackpot. These jackpots work through bonus progression so that the wins pile up as you keep playing.
  • Fishing Fever It may lack some rolling reels, but it does have a 5 X 3 reel set. Fishing Fever gets you a possible win of $60,000 and a 97.49% RTP. Its underwater theme is also something with stacked wilds and scatters that boost a player's wins.

Aurum Signature Studios Casino Bonuses

Aurum Signature Studios games carry similar bonus options as you will find with other providers. While playing their bespoke titles, you may encounter super wild, stacked wilds or scatters. Other than that, additional bonuses may come in free spins. As Microgaming is a dedicated provider, their partnership with Aurum affords them the visibility to offer their bonuses. Players can enjoy a range of free spins and pop-up bonus wheels that can get them more wins. There are also the probably rolling reels and bonus progression. Aurum Signature Studios games, as a proven innovator, produces these bonus options for the benefit of the players. The Rolling Reels appear on games such as Immortal Captain Rizk and deadmou5 and can have a multiplier trail or not. Bonus progressions are also on offer sizeable bonuses with certain triggers. For instance, some games get the feature triggered on the 5th, 10th and 15th games, while others have different figures. Aurum supply Microgaming and all the other online casino games with distinctive bonuses. They are valued differently and players can get a progressive jackpot or a Mega Moola stacked wilds at any moment. Be sure to be on the lookout for any of the possible bonus rounds that could be on offer.

How to Claim Bonus at Aurum Signature Studios Casino

Whether a newbie or a seasonal gambler, you may wonder how to claim the bonuses. Here is a standard step-by-step process that our experts found to work in most of the Aurum Signature Studios Casinos;

  1. Register at New Zealand pokies casino with games from Aurum Signature Studios To play at Aurum Signature Studios Casinos, you need an active account. The limited is licensed games need an account to be awarded bonuses. Most of these casinos offer welcome bonuses that can be a given amount of playing money and some free spins. They can choose to use slots such as the Isle of Man and give a certain number of free spins to any of their members signing up.
  2. Look out for Welcome Bonuses and Subsequent Ones Most casinos advertise their welcome bonuses on the very first page. Locating these packages and noting their values is one of the first things you need to do. This way, it is easier to meet the requirements that may be needed as well as note the bonus codes.
  3. Review the Terms & Conditions Online casinos provide a list of the wagering requirements, among other important issues regarding bonuses, in the Terms & Conditions. Information as the bonus rounds expiration date, the number of wins possible, and whether you need to deposit to enjoy the bonuses with the Mega Moolah slots.

How to Pick the Best Aurum Signature Studios Casino?

Selecting online casinos can be difficult for anyone, especially if you want games from licensed and regulated companies. Aurum Signature Studios has games in many casinos throughout New Zealand and Great Britain. According to our experts, there are specific properties you should pay attention to when trying out casinos. These basic features are what make up an ideal personalized gaming experience. As a gambler, one of the prominent features you need to be on the lookout for is security. You may have to input your account number and other sensitive details during your online transactions. What you need is a site that is secure enough to protect all your information. Licenses and regulations are also critical because they point to the sites' authority. For instance, a Malta Gaming Authority license number one can tell whether the casino is secure or not. Apart from security matters, there is also the issue of personalized gaming experience. Aurum Signature Studios create unique experiences by utilizing mobile and game variety features. This way, they ensure that the provided games fit the needs of the individuals. User experience has been tailored to suit their customer base, whether they are playing Isle of Man or Enchanted Oceans. On the side of the individual operators, that is Aurum Signature Studios and the features they offer. For one, their partnership with Microgaming awards them the credibility of working with renowned and regulated casinos in Great Britain. That means their license number is well updated and from a trusted gambling commission. Also, customer care support is something worth considering. You do not want to have issues with the games and not have any support from the individual operators.

Safety and Licensing

In Great Britain and all other parts of the world, it is the role of the gambling commission to ensure that casinos are safe for the general public. Aurum Signature Studios works closely with Microgaming, which has a license under the Malta Gaming Authority. Microgaming offers Aurum Signature Studios the blanket of protection that supports the safety of their services. The site has several features in place aimed at ensuring customer safety. This includes partnering with casinos that are regulated in Great Britain. These partnerships ensure they create unique experiences with which their users can gamble without risking their personal information. This includes encrypted security details that protect your account number and other sensitive matters. When it comes to user protection, the individual operators create unique circumstances that put the needs of their users first. Even as they play various games on different sites, Microgaming licenses are to consider.

Mobile Compatibility

Times are fast changing, and numerous players need slot games such as Isle of Man and Mega Moolah on the go. Aurum Signature Studios partners with sites that provide mobile gambling for their users. The games you love from this provider can be played on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. To achieve the same, they are compatible with HTML 5, allowing users with Windows, iOS, and Android devices to access the games they want. On some online gambling sites, you may find some slots that you can play on a desktop but are missing from the mobile version. In such cases, they offer alternative options either of similar themes or graphics. These sites offer limited licensed games that vary regarding the gambling commission under account terms. All you have to do is make sure that the desktop games you want can be played on your tablet or smartphone.

Payment Options

One of the ways to tell if a site is licensed and regulated is to look at its payment options. Aurum Signature Studios is in alliance with sites that provide a large list of payment options. Most New Zealanders will find themselves confused when looking at these payment options. Our experts suggest looking for a trusted option you have used for years. This way, you are aware of the commission under account number that the options will demand. Before you play your Mega Moolah games, you will have to make deposits. Most sites that offer the providers' games have the staple banking option. This well-trusted option may take longer with withdrawals, but at least it is secure. Other revolutionary options that are well known in licensed and regulated sites include Paypal, Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, ApplePay, and more. Depending on your payment option, the withdrawal and deposit periods will differ.

Games variety

Aurum Signature Studios create unique themes and graphics that align with user needs. Their bespoke games are a hit among many New Zealand and Britain players. There is a high likelihood of running into slots with stacked wilds and others with a multiplier trail. The bespoke themes vary from underwater scenes to treasure hunts and others. The unique content offered comes in their typical slots with the 5X and 3X reels. There is also the chance of running into some rolling reels and scatters. The providers give you games that have very distinctive themes. On top of that their game variety also constitutes bonus options that may win you commission under account number provided. While some games will get you a welcome bonus with free spins, others may offer progressive jackpots. The goal is to be on the lookout for the unique content each game offers.

Customer support

Aurum Signature Studios sites have adequate customer care for their players. The gambling commission under account demands that players get the help they need as they navigate the online casinos. In most cases, the sites offer two main forms of customer care. There are the live chats and the email. The live chats appear as a bubble on all of the sites. It sometimes has a phone call sign that, once you hit it, directs you to start a live chat with a customer care agent. These live chats are usually the top option in Britain by the gambling society. This is because the response time is almost immediate and available 24/7. You may get a slower response time with the email option, but they do get back to you. The average response time via email is between 24 and 72 hours. The live chat offers a better option if you are in a hurry.


Aurum Signature Studios was established in 2019 to provide users with bespoke gaming titles and experiences. The founders had been working with land-based institutions for years and were acquainted with the casino scene. The company had, at the time, been working with other renowned entities in the field. Owing to the same, they were announced as exclusive bespoke game developers working with Microgaming. Shortly afterwards, they started advertising the development of their new games, such as Burlesque by Dita, Mega Moolah, and more. In 2021, they delivered 20 bespoke games with new features and themes. Now, they are among the top developers that work with Microgaming. They have been able to produce several games that are limited in certain countries. All in all, even the limited is licensed via the Microgaming licenses. In future, they hope to deliver even more innovative titles. To capture Britain by gambling tendencies as well as other countries, the developers have taken to create unique and new games that are innovative and immersive. As a result, they have received worldwide acclamation and are on offer at some of the top sites in Britain.


Regardless of how Aurum Signature Studios games have fared in Britain by the gambling statistics, it is sad to say that they are yet to win any awards. They have achieved significant milestones that continue to place them at the top. For instance, in 2020, they joined Microgaming, and their fame has only risen since. Also, this year they announced that the release of their 50th Bespoke game. This is a major milestone on their part as they have not only been innovating but also revamping some of Microgaming’s works.


  • 1️⃣ Can I win real money on Aurum Signature Studios slots?

    Yes, their games contain all the features you need to win money in real dollars.
  • 2️⃣ Do Aurum Signature Studios have any Progressive Jackpot slots?

    Yes, a number of their games can win you a progressive jackpot, and this is the likes of Galactic Gold and others.
  • 3️⃣ Are Aurum Signature Studios slots safe?

    Yes, the slots are safe and well-licensed. The company has a long-standing partnership with Microgaming.
  • 4️⃣ Can I get a bonus to play Aurum Signature Studios Slots?

    Yes. They do have offers of such slots. You only need to locate the bonus options for the games and then play them to get the bonus.
  • 5️⃣ Is Aurum Signature Studios a licensed provider?

    Yes. They have the right certifications to produce casino games of varying kinds. Their partnership with Microgaming also helps.
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