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Bitcoin Review NZ

Top 3 Casinos

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Royal Vegas
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🎖️ Top Bitcoin Online Casinos

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DundeeSlots Welcome bonus NZ$8000 + 700 FS
22Bet Welcome bonus NZ$500
National Welcome bonus NZ$160
Fastpay Welcome bonus NZ$150 + 100 FS
Twin Welcome bonus NZ$100
RocketPlay Welcome bonus 200% up to €200 + 100 FS
CosmicSlot Welcome bonus NZ$150
Mirax Welcome bonus 5 BTC + 150 FS
Dolly Welcome bonus NZ$1000 + 100 FS

📌 What is Bitcoin?

2009 is the year that someone going by the name Satoshi Nakamoto created a digital currency, Bitcoin. The premise of this virtual money was the decentralization of transactions and much lower fees that would attempt to disrupt the dominant fiat currency world. Naturally, it all seemed like a joke until four years down when its value started to rise and has not stopped since save for a few dips here and there.

The growth of Bitcoin, also referred to as BTC, encouraged the creation of other cryptocurrencies, altogether known as altcoins. It is the first peer-to-peer computer network since it eliminates banks and other intermediaries.
This digital currency that is now accepted at the best online casino sites is not a tangible commodity, but that does not stop it from being used as legal tender. It is issued through an e-wallet, and transactions are verified through lots of computing power. The technology behind this, blockchain, is scalable and secure that it is now being used in several other industries, including the medical field.

With so many Bitcoin online casino sites these days, it helps to demystify this currency. The system comprises several computers that are called nodes or miners that run codes to create a set of transactions in a blockchain. A blockchain is a collection of transactions run by several computers that can see the other transactions in other blocks. It is impossible to duplicate a transaction or cheat the system in any way.

When the currency is mimed, the reserves are stored in public and private "keys," essentially a string of numbers and letters that link to the algorithm used initially to create a particular BTC. The public key is just like one's bank account and the address you give those that want to transfer BTC to you, like a Bitcoin casinos New Zealand. The private key is just the same as an ATM PIN that should always remain private.

The miners who work to get new BTC are rewarded through Bitcoin and the transaction fees associated with this currency. Nakamoto determined the number of coins that could be mined till the currency runs out; 21 million. Each year, the algorithm that miners use gets harder, reducing the number that can be mined at a go. It will be close to 100 years until the last bit of BTC is mined. As of the beginning of 2021, over 18 million BTC was already in circulation. Over time, many prominent companies have accepted Bitcoin and other well-known altcoins as a medium of exchange. These include some of the biggest online casinos New Zealand.

🔥 Number оf Cаsinоs6+
💳 Depоsit АlternаtivesLitecoin, Dogecoin
💰 Mаx BоnusUP TO N$2000 + 100 Free Spins
🎲 Cаsinо Gаmes4000+
More Information:Bitcoin

💰 How to Get Bitcoins

To deposit at Bitcoin casino sites using this currency, you have to either buy or mine it. Miners have to solve complex computerized puzzles to be awarded BTC. Once they do, they uncover a new block that is effectively added to the blockchain. Each year, the number of Bitcoins awarded to a miner is halved. In 2009 when the system was new, miners got 50 BTC for their efforts, and by mid-2020, the number had reduced to 6.25 tokens.

If you cannot mine but still want to gamble at online casinos that accept BTC, you can buy them through exchanges and altcoin ATMs.

Here's more on where you can buy BTC to use at a Bitcoin casino New Zealand.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

There are quite a number of these in several parts of the world. The largest exchange in the US, Coinbase, has over 30 cryptocurrencies traded there. Other exchanges include; Binance.US, eToro, Gemini, Robinhood, SoFi Active Investing, TradeStation, and WeBull. In New Zealand, you can get your BTC from these trusted sites.

Bitcoin ATMs

The US alone has over 7,000 bitcoin ATMs, and you can find one near you by searching Coin ATM Radar. It shows you all the options within proximity.

Peer-to-peer Purchases

Being a peer-reviewed currency itself, it is possible to get some BTC from other owners known to you. Three of the best-known tools for peer-to-peer BTC purchases are Bisq, Bitquick, and LocalBitcoins.com. The transfer is swift, and you will be sold the coins either depending on the market rate or the agreed-upon price.

Once you get some digital money in whichever way suits you best, you can now look at the Bitcoin casino NZ options available to you.

📊 How We Check Bitcoin Casinos

We are quite keen when selecting online Bitcoin casino sites for our readers because we are determined to recommend only the best. We take our selections through a rigorous process to verify whether they are right for you.
Here are some of the things we look at when selecting an online casino with the BTC option;

Licenses and Regulation: There are so many casinos globally, but not all of them are licensed and/or regulated. Licenses are one of the most important aspects of a gambling site because then you are assured that your winnings, deposits, and personal information are all safe when you share them. You'll find a casino's license number right from the homepage, and naturally, some licensing bodies hold more weight than others.

RNG System: This system selects winners randomly to ensure that the site doesn't rig in anyone. At the same time, you want to check that the site has eCOGRA recognition that audits games for fairness. This way, the house edge is managed, and games give reasonable returns to players.

BTC Bonuses and Promotions: Players like promos and bonuses because they stretch the dollar. We look at the bonus structure a casino has in place for its first-time and existing users before we put it on our list. We also like those with reasonable terms and conditions as well as beatable wagering requirements.

Mobile Compatibility: These days, gaming is mobile, so we like sites that offer mobile gaming options. Any casino for Bitcoin that only has slots would not offer players enough variety, so we choose those with a little bit of everything. The interface should also be friendly to make it possible to access the games and other areas of the site that players need. Game variety should be as good as possible, and it would be even better if the site were to partner with different game developers.

Stellar Customer Support: We prefer to have various options such as email, live chat, and toll-free numbers. We also find FAQ sections time-saving.

Fast Deposits and Withdrawals: Apart from cryptocurrency, it helps to have other options that players can use to withdrawal from the casino and deposit to the site. e-Wallets are faster, cheaper, and secure, and it helps that they are accepted widely in the world. There are also so many of them on the market.

⭐ Features of Bitcoin Casinos

There are several reasons why almost every casino that accepts BTC is becoming a hit with users in NZ and other parts of the world;

No Middlemen: One of BTC's most attractive features is the lack of middlemen. The creator(s) meant for it to be a peer-to-peer reviewed currency that would not have to go through the usual bureaucracies in the modern world of finance. That was achieved with blockchain, and now most users at an online casino for BTC can confidently count on the system's security.

Low Transaction Fees: Transacting with Bitcoin isn't exactly free, but the charges cannot compare to charges by conventional banks. Since this cryptocurrency gained so much strength, banks, and the world of finance at large, have woken up to what looks like the most significant disruptions of all time to their business. When you buy BTC, you pay a flat rate during the exchange – apart from the charge for the actual currency. This makes part of how miners get paid for their trouble.

No More Waiting: Banks have stringent rules, especially when payment is made internationally. It may take up to 5 working days for a player who won some online casino slots to get their money finally. This isn't the case with digital currency since there are no banks to demand all the paperwork and more. So, faster transfers.

Anonymity and Security: When you deposit at an online casino that accepts BTC, you start a process that will have a unique code on the blockchain. This means there will be a trail that is unique to you that is in numbers and letters. Your public key is the same way, and so in this way, you retain anonymity. The government cannot keep tabs on this currency, and players can trust it to keep their activities safe.

Price Fluctuation: This one is both good and bad for users because if the price of this currency falls too much, they lose their money. The opposite is true. The speculative nature of BTC makes it impossible to regulate or predict price.

💳 Deposit at Bitcoin Casinos

It's pretty easy to deposit at a BTC casino in NZ. First, it helps to note that casino sites New Zealand accept digital currencies other than BTC. Check them out for Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Money, too, because they are closely following in the footsteps of Bitcoin.

  • time: 00:05
  • tool: Computer or smartphone
  • supply: Free

💵 Withdrawals at Bitcoin Casinos NZ

One of the top reasons players are Bitcoin gambling sites is that they know they won't have to wait too long until their accounts are credited. Once the Bitcoin live casino verifies a payment, the necessary steps are taken so the player can get their money as soon as possible. It doesn't take too much effort or time to withdraw money from an online casino Bitcoin site.

Here's how you go about it;

Login: When you log into your casino account, you will navigate to the cashier's segment. You will then select BTC as your preferred withdrawal option to get started. All the information you need to make this happen is on the homepage.

Enter Address: You will copy and paste your wallet address on the pop-up window, and instructions will be sent for any other thing you will need to do.

Enter Amount and Confirm: At this point, the only thing left to do is enter the amount to withdraw and leave it to the casino to do the rest. The verification process takes about 12 hours to determine whether the player has met all conditions to withdraw.

There are several ways to get fiat money once you withdraw your BTC. You can link the wallet to a bank card and then withdraw it from the bank, or you can look out for BTC ATMs near you. You can also choose to leave it right there in your wallet where it is safe and buy stuff online from stores that accept this mode of payment. As you can see, an online casino withdraw using BTC isn't complicated.

Fees and Timeframes

One of the selling points of BTC and other altcoins is the lack of fees charged by banks when making transfers. This is primarily the reason why the finance world fights digital currency as hard as it does. When making deposits into casino sites New Zealand with cryptocurrency, you will not be charged a dime. The process is pretty fast, with zero charges at the deposit point. This applies to withdrawals too. The e-wallet that holds your digital money has no charges either, making the management of this currency relatively easy and cheap. Nothing is charged for account maintenance, and you cannot overdraw your account either.

What is charged when you deposit at Bitcoin online casinos is the cash that goes to miners. They charge a fee added to the value of each block released, and this fee is passed on to the final consumer by agencies when they exchange fiat currency for BTC. The exchange rates associated with this currency range from 0.8% to 1%, depending on the issuer and where you exchange it. Users do not have to worry about any fee if they already have tokens in their e-wallets. The timeframe is an even more pleasant surprise for players used to waiting for five working days for their money to reach their accounts. As soon as the casino verifies a withdrawal, the money is sent out, so players get paid within hours instead of days.

📱 Bitcoin Mobile Casinos

Because of the advanced game development that we have these days, players can play from mobile casinos the same way they do Desktop ones. Games at Bitcoin gambling casinos are developed using HTML5 that ensures compatibility with iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and tablets. This then enables players to catch a game from anywhere in the world. There are several advantages to these mobile casinos:

  • Convenience: Knowing that you can play at any time through your phone makes gaming all the more enjoyable. Commutes are especially great for gaming since you are doing nothing else, anyway, and so placing at that time feels like a good use for time.
  • Same Game Variety: The same games at the website for instant-play gaming are the same you get on the online casino. The graphics are the same, and so is the sound. It then helps to know that you have the freedom to play those games from anywhere.
  • Pay Through the Phone: You can even play at a Bitcoin casino live from the phone, which is great since you will get the games the same way you see them at a land-based casino. It only gets better when you know you can deposit BTC through your phone too.

Many game developers will already mention that you cannot access some games through mobile gaming, but many Bitcoin online pokies are mobile-compatible. There is always something for everyone on mobile game stores.

🎲 Bitcoin Casino Games

You will get all sorts of games from the best Bitcoin welcome page of a website. There are games of skill and those of chance, such as the best online slots. Seasoned players like checking the number of game developers used at the site because it shows the variety of games in the portfolio. Apart from slots, there are table games such as Blackjack and Roulette, and there is also Video Poker that has always caught the eyes of discerning players. Game bonuses are associated with specific games sometimes, and players get to choose the ones that work best for them.

When selecting the best games, you want to look at house edge, features for slots, and the chances of bonuses. You also want to see whether these games contribute to wagering by reading the terms and conditions. It is best to register a casino whose games are also mobile-compatible. All this information is available on the homepage.

Bitcoin Slot Games (Pokies)

Pokies usually form the most significant number in any casino portfolio because they are easy to play. You will find many online slots best sites that accept cryptocurrency because no one hates easy gameplay. Slot themes are yet another factor that leads people to want to participate in these games even more.
There are different types of pokies. 3-reel pokies are also classic slots because they are similar to what you find at land-based casinos. They are quite easy to play and will not really have too many features. They are the least complicated in the world of slots.

5-and-7-Reel slots are modern. They are characterized by several paylines, lots of features, and bet sizes and prizes are larger compared to 3-reel pokies. 3-D pokies are the most advanced and engaging because they are designed with 3D graphics with great storylines and exciting features. They are designed by specific game developers such as Betsoft.

Bitcoin Roulette

There are different variations of this game.

American Roulette has one more pocket on the wheel so that you have a 0 and 00 pocket. This is not the case with other versions. There is also a house edge – around 5.3% - that is relatively high for this form of roulette compared to the other two we will discuss. The table layout is similar to others, except that the one additional pocket changes the alignment of numbers just a little.

European Roulette's wheel has 37 pockets since there is only one zero. Its house edge is half that of its American counterpart, making it way more popular with players. The numbers are colored red and white as usual.

Other versions are: Double Ball Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette, Video Roulette, a.k.a. Rapid Roulette, and Mini Roulette. Although winning this game is largely dependent on chance, you can apply a few strategies to inch closer to winning. You can play it at a live casino online.

Bitcoin Blackjack

This game is one of the few games of skill that players can get at the casino, and in some places, it is also called Twenty-One. Here, your card-counting skills come into play. The game-plan is to get as close to 21 and not over it, while at the same time beating the dealer. Before the game begins, minimum and maximum bets are determined, and players are allowed to place theirs. The dealer then hands them their cards while picking some too.

Landing an ace and a "ten-card" as soon as the cards are dealt is considered a natural Blackjack and whoever does this wins automatically. The player is paid 1.5 times the value of the bet. If the dealer lands a natural Blackjack, they collect all the bets of players who didn't get a natural Blackjack themselves, but nothing extra. There are various strategies players can apply to get them to 21. Typically, the one who beats the dealer to this number – or as close as possible – is usually considered the winner.

🎁 Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

One of the things that attract players to a casino is the bonus. To show appreciation for players who sign up and play at the site as opposed to any other, a small bonus that is then paid out is given. There are various offers at the many reliable Bitcoin casinos that you have online, and these offers come with their set of conditions. Before accepting an offer from a gambling site, it is good practice to read the terms first.

Casinos have several types of bonuses and promotions for new players as well as existing site users. You can mostly claim one bonus at a time unless stated otherwise in the terms that always follow each bonus provision.

Welcome Bonus

When you are new to a gambling site, you are offered an incentive so you can play immediately and even more regularly as you build your skills. This welcome bonus package at the best Bitcoin online site is usually presented after you make an initial deposit and, in most cases, as a percentage of said deposit. The first condition is to make it impossible for you to withdraw the money immediately. You are directed to wager it a set number of times before it becomes due for withdrawal. When selecting the right bonus, you want one with a reasonable wagering requirement that will be easy to beat.

Another note is the time limit you are given when a bonus is made available. Most of the time, you get seven days before the bonus is invalidated. If you will not have met the wagering requirements by then, you are likely to lose the winnings as well as the bonus. Not every game qualifies for wagering, and not all at the same percentage of contribution even if they do. This condition will be set already, and so it helps to read the T&Cs well from the beginning. A welcome bonus is only given once when you register an account at a casino for the first time.

No Deposit Bonus

When you look at online offers, most casinos have deposit bonuses based on a minimum down payment – of, say, $10. Some, albeit a few, have no-deposit offers, especially for new players who could use a little nudge getting started. This money is usually not available to withdraw from any new online Bitcoin until some conditions are met. There is a playthrough, time limit as is the case with any bonus, and some set games. Most offers only allow slots to contribute 100% to wagering, and even then, they could limit these to specific slots. This is usually the first thing you want to check before you accept an online bonus.

Free Spins Bonus

A casino withdraw Bitcoin site may give these as part of the welcome bonus or a stand-alone offer. These spins are meant to be used on slots, and players are directed to games that qualify. How do they work? You get to spin the wheel when you play without wagering any money. This is then taken as a bet and whatever you win goes into your account. That is not where it all ends because winnings from these free spins are subjected to wagering requirements, which means they are usually not available for withdrawal yet.

As is the case with almost every promotion or offer from a gambling site, spins have a timeline within which they should be used, or they expire. Before playing, you want to ensure you know the games you can use on time allowed. You also want to know the wagering requirements, so you know how easy or hard your offer will be. Spins are given to new and existing players.

✔ Crypto Casino Experience

When you play at a casino with Bitcoin, your experience is likely to be the same you would have anywhere else, save for the fact that it helps to know you can make deposits and get paid when only spending a tiny fraction of your gambling money. The security attached to using BTC makes the experience so much worth it since you do not have to worry about access to your winnings. The lack of fees – or very low, if any – is a top reason anyone who uses BTC does so.

There is also the fact that all the monetary transactions attached to this mode of payment can be made through the phone. We spend so much time on our mobile devices that they are essentially all we need to do a lot, and so being able to transact through them fully is yet another upside of using BTC. Being so safe ensures that an e-wallet is not that easy to hack, although it is not from lack of trying. The speed with which transactions are completed is another reason you want to use BTC and other digital coins.

The world is slowly coming to terms with the power of cryptocurrency. Apart from BTC, others making headways include Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin, which the gambling world has embraced effortlessly. There are possible bonuses you get when you deposit any of these currencies. If you haven't cryptocurrency gambling, you should.

❓ BTC Gambling Sites FAQ

  • Why Bitcoin Casinos Are Gaining Popularity
    The sites that accept BTC are secure, they keep the user anonymous, and transactions are free. BTC is also transferred into the account faster than fiat money.
  • Are Bitcoin Casinos Legit?
    Yes, they are. They are usually licensed, regulated by known authorities, and the encryption used for the transactions is one of the best known to man. And that applies even for a casino live casino.
  • Is Bitcoin safe to use?
    Yes, apart from the usual fluctuations in value, using Bitcoin for online gambling is a safe endeavor. Players can rely on blockchain technology to protect their identities and money.
  • Is it possible to gamble with altcoins like Ethereum or Litecoin?
    Yes, apart from BTC, Ethereum is especially gaining ground. It has become one of the most used cryptos after Bitcoin, and because of that, there are now several casino sites that use it too.
  • Can I Use Bitcoin with any Other Forms of Online Gambling?
    Yes, as long as it is part of the casino's payment plans. You can use it for regular games such as slots and table games and live casino online gambling.
  • Do All Games Support Bitcoin and Crypto?
    If a casino supports deposits in BTC, it will mainly allow its use across the board. Players can pay for any game through this crypto and even get more to play with for Bitcoin bonus options.