Responsible Gaming (hereinafter “We”, “Website”) want to ensure all of the Website visitors consider their own health and financial situation, so online gambling remains a safe, fun and enjoyable experience. Please remember that online gambling should never be looked at as a means of relieving financial, professional, or personal difficulties of any kind.
This Responsible Gaming page is intended to provide information for the following topics:

  1. Some tips to stay away from and prevent problem gambling.
  2. The common signs and symptoms of problem gambling.
  3. The national and local organizations that assist in overcoming gambling addiction.
  4. The tools provided by online gambling providers for safe gambling.
  5. The protection of minors.
  6. External organizations.

The Website is not an online gambling operator and We do not provide any types of gambling services. This page was created for informational purposes only, if you or your relatives find possible problems with excessive gambling, We advise you to contact specialized institutions for help, some of which are presented below.

Some Tips to Stay Away from and Prevent Problem Gambling

  • Always establish limits for depositing, wagering and losses before you start playing.
  • Decide beforehand on a time limit for your playing session and stick to it. Within that period ensure that you also take regular breaks from playing.
  • Think about how much money you spend gambling. You can track your activity in your Online Account History.
  • Gambling is not advised if it interferes with your daily responsibilities. Make sure that the decision to gamble is yours.
  • Gambling is not advised if you are in recovery for any dependency or are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.
  • Gambling is a form of entertainment. It is not a way to pay off your debts.
  • Never try to chase your losses.
  • Make sure you know the rules of the games you play.
  • If you need to talk to someone about problem gambling, then contact our Customer Support team or a problem gambling support service.

The Common Signs and Symptoms of Problem Gambling

If you think that you, or someone you know, may be experiencing issues with gambling, here are some behavioural signs to keep an eye out for:

  • Gambling most days of the week;
  • Chasing gambling losses;
  • Mood swings or outbursts brought on by gambling;
  • Gambling is no longer fun and is causing regret and distress.
  • Attempting to hide gambling from family or friends, or being dishonest about gambling;
  • Trying to borrow money for the purpose of gambling more;
  • Gambling for long periods without taking a break, or prioritising gambling over other responsibilities;
  • Setting a limit, but not being able to maintain it.

If you recognise some of these signs, and think that you or someone you know might need help, there is help available.

The National and Local Organizations That Assist in Overcoming Gambling Addiction

New Zealand Ministry of health problem gambling services

The Ministry of Health New Zealand is the department responsible for funding and coordinating problem gambling services under the Gambling Act 2003. The department assumed responsibility for this role on 1 July 2004. The Gambling Act includes measures to promote public health by preventing harm from gambling and treating and assisting problem gambling. To get hold of the Ministry of Health New Zealand, find them below.

Telephone number: 0800 611 116

Gambling Helpline New Zealand

You can call the FREE Gambling Helpline on 0800 654 655, night or day, OR text 8006. This is a free and confidential helpline available 24/7. Their staff are trained to deal with a whole range of topics related to gambling and provide immediate over-the-phone support. One call may be all that’s needed to get back on track. This is offered in 40 different languages. The Gambling Helplines can refer you to face-to-face support services, or you can find services near you here, including Specific Cultural Support at

The Salvation Army Oasis

Support for those impacted by gambling harm available by phone, email and video-streaming. The Salvation Army Oasis offers services for those impacted by gambling harm, and will continue to be available by phone, email and video-stream while the nation continues to change alert levels due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are here to support you and your family and whãnau.

Free phone 0800 530 000

PGF Services

Free phone 0800 664 262
Free text: 5819
Live chat:
Availability: Counselling services to new and existing clients by phone, email or video calls 9 am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday

Local Services
You can also obtain support from other free, private and confidential services around New Zealand through the agencies that represented below:


Asian Family Services

Availability: Counselling services by phone or video call. Services available in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Japanese and Hindi.
Monday – Friday, 9am – 8pm.
128 Khyber Pass Rd, Newmarket Auckland

Phone: 0800 862 342
Email: [email protected]

Tupu Pacific Alcohol, Drug and Gambling services
Availability: Face to Face and Group Programmes Available. Specialist Problem Gambling Intervention Team (Fofola) and Health Promotion available.
Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm.
– 409 New North Road, Kingsland
– 492 Great South Road, Ōtāhuhu
– 17 Lambie Drive Building 4, Manukau
– 33-37 Paramount Drive, Henderson

Phone: (09) 845 1810
Email: [email protected]

Satellite services also available: walk in clinic available Monday to Friday 10am-1pm at:
– Cads South, 17 Lambie Drive Manukau
– Tupu Central, 409 New North Road, Kingsland


K’aute Pasifika Trust
Availability: Support for those impacted by gambling harm; available by phone, email, zoom (if requested), and face to face individual and family sessions.
Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.
960 Victoria Street
Citisite Building L.1
Hamilton, 3200

Phone: (07)834 1482 or (07) 839 9921
Email: [email protected]
or alternatively [email protected]< Satellite services also available in Tokoroa

Te Kohao Health Preventative and Minimisation of Gambling Harm Health
Support for those impacted by gambling harm available by phone, email, video, and face to face.
Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm, also outside these hours by mutual arrangement
951 Wairere Drive, HAMILTON 3247
or PO Box 7101

Phone: 0800 4835 6426 or 07 8565938
Email: [email protected]


Mapu Maia
Availability: Counselling via face to face, home visits, phone, text, zoom, Microsoft teams are fully accessible. Information, advice and advocacy in the community is fully functional
8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday or by evening appointment if required.
Level 3
5-7 Vivian Street, Te Aro

Phone: 0800 21 21 22 or TEXT 3002
Email: [email protected]

PGF Services
Free phone 0800 664 262
or (04) 473 4360

Live Chat:
Availability: Counselling services to new and existing clients by phone, email or video calls
8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday
Level 3
5-7 Vivian Street, Te Aro
Email: [email protected]

The Tools Provided by Online Gambling Providers for Safe Gambling

Player Protection Tools:
Setting Gambling Limits
The gambling service providers represented on the Website provide you with player protection tools in order to help you control and limit your spending, temporarily take a break from your account (time out) as well as an option to self-exclude and close your account for a set period of time.

Self-Imposed Player Limits
You can set daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits which will help you to manage the amount of money you are depositing into your account for the selected period.

A reality check
A reality check allows you to keep track of the time you have spent gambling. You can set a time reminder when you are playing and this can be up to any time you specify. For more information about this tool, We advise you to contact the gaming provider’s support department, as well as to study the related gaming provider’s materials on their websites.

Gaming provider can give you opportunity temporarily block yourself from the Website for a certain period accessing and selecting your required time-out duration. On confirming the time-out duration, your account will be immediately suspended, and you will not be able to login to your account until the selected duration has expired. During your time-out, any balances and advance wagers that you have placed will remain and any winnings will be credited to your account. You can only access your winnings after the cool off period has ended.

Account closure
You are able to close your account at any time for any reason by simply contacting the gambling service providers’ support department. Please note that a closed account can be reopened at any time. Therefore, if you feel you are at risk of developing a gambling problem, or believe you currently have a gambling problem, We would advise that you consider self-exclusion – an explanation of self-exclusion is outlined in the below section (self-exclusion).

The gambling service providers represented on the Website provide offer a self-exclusion facility to help you if you feel that your gambling is out of control and you want assistance to help stop. At your request, gambling service providers will prevent you from using your account for a specific period, as determined by you. We will also take reasonable steps to prevent the opening of new accounts. Should you wish to cancel your self-exclusion prior to the expiration of the self-exclusion period, this will only be considered following an internal review. Any successful cancellation of a definite self-exclusion period will be applied after a minimum 24 hour cool-off period following your request. Entering into self-exclusion is a joint commitment from gambling service providers and you. The gambling service providers will take reasonable steps to prevent you re-opening your account. However, during the period of your exclusion, you must not attempt to re-open your account or to try and open new accounts across gambling service providers network.

The Protection of Minors

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to use and observe Website and take part in any gambling activities. We take the issue of underage gambling very seriously. Although We dedicate a lot of time and resources to ensure there are no minors use the Website, We feel this prevention works best as a shared responsibility between us and the minor’s parents/guardians. To help you prevent your child from accessing such sites, we’ve put together the following list of recommendations:

  • Always “log out” immediately when you’re done with a gaming session.
  • Do not use autofill for login details.
  • Keep your usernames and passwords out of the reach of children.
  • Ensure that your credit card details are kept safe and private.
  • Do not play on gaming sites in the presence of children.
  • Supervise your child’s use of the internet.
  • Avoid allowing children to spend too much leisure time on the internet.
  • Learn more about the parental tools available on your devices.

You could use a number of parental filtering solutions that can be used to monitor or restrict access to the internet: – filtering software that protects children from inappropriate web content.
If you are worried that someone underage is using our Website, please do not hesitate to contact us and We will take the necessary steps.

External Help

You may contact any of the following organizations for consultation and support:
Gamblers Anonymous is an international fellowship of people who have a compulsive gambling problem. They meet regularly to share their “experiences, strength and hope”, so they can help each other solve the problems compulsive gambling has created in their lives, and to help others recover from the addiction of compulsive gambling.
GamCare is the leading provider of information, advice, and support for anyone affected by gambling harms. GamCare provides treatment for anyone who is harmed by gambling, creates awareness about safer gambling and treatment, and encourages an effective approach to safer gambling within the gambling industry.
Gambling Therapy is live support a text-based service that allows you to speak directly with an experienced advisor.

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